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We provide desperately needed support to the displaced refugees in the Tigray region

Conflict has destroyed health facilities, stopped vital immunizations and increased the rate of life-threatening malnutrition among children. Thousands of families have fled to the country of Sudan to escape ongoing violence and essential resources are needed to keep up with the influx of refugees in crisis. Children in Tigray and Sudan need immediate assistance. The humanitarian aid and people helping need to get beyond the major cities and towns into the rural areas where most of the population live.

Children are extremely vulnerable. They have seen violence or have lost or been separated from family members. They have left everything behind, homes, possessions, friends, school. They don’t always understand what is going on. Children need safety and protection. Women and children must be protected.

The humanitarian situation in Tigray is critical with thousands of people displaced and still not having received assistance in more than three and a half months. The region was already suffering a diminished food supply due to drought and the worst locust outbreak in 25 years. The local communities have little themselves. There is widespread malnutrition.

You can make a difference. "The lives you save" are someone's mother, father, husband, wife, brother, sister, son, daughter... but all are someone's child.

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